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This blog is in serious danger of becoming all about running right now.  How’s that for crazy?  But when I look back at my post what there have been have been all about  me moving my  butt.  And here is another one to add to the growing collection.  I feel a little compelled to record my early running milestones because being a beginner runner myself I know just how new runners crave information from others about how to make this running thing happen.

Today I achieved a new milestone – 2kms unbroken on the open road.  (I actually ran 2.2kms –  but that doesn’t sound much like a milestone so I’m just going with the 2km.)  It’s taken me about 2 weeks to progress from 1km to 2kms  and if thing keep happening that fast I’ll be stoked.    When I first set off today at 6.00m I wasn’t sure I was going to make it the 400 meters to the end of our road. My legs felt heavy and I could feel my eyes wanting to roll and say ‘really … this again’.    It amazes me that I still always find those first 400 meter the hardest.    I guess one of the biggest things I’ve learned is to keep reminding myself it will get better and just keep going until it does.

I always do a little fist pump when my RunStar app tells me I’ve passed my first km.  Firstly because I can still  hardly believe I can run and entire km unbroken and secondly because it reminds me of the excitement I felt the first time I did it.  Oh what a feeling!!    Today I remember thinking I still felt pretty good and would definitely make it the 600 meter down to the next corner.  That corner has been my stopping point for the past week.  It leads onto a 300 meter incline and my brain has been telling me that running uphill is hard.   Today I thought I’d just give it a go – even if I only made it half way up.   Well I made it and then keep on running for another 300 meter – cracking the 2km mark and almost making it the entire way around my 2.5km running block.    (I walked the last 300 meter home.)

I’m still slow.  Seriously slow.  Shuffling is my best friend. Today it took me almost ten minutes per kilometre.   You probably cannot run slower than that or you would have to call it a walk.    My aim is still to increase distance before I start working on my speed.   I’ve been pondering training programs and approaches and I’ve decided the reason this is working for me at the moment is because I’m running my own race and not trying to fit into anyone’s expectation.   So, rather than seeking advice or a trainer I’m just going to keep fitting my running into my lifestyle.

Personally i know I need goals to work towards.  Long term I want to run 5kms unbroken. But for now I want to run 30 minutes non-stop, which will be somewhere around 3kms.  Once I can do that I’ll start trying to run further and faster.   I’m seriously contemplating registering for a 5km fun-run sometime in the future.   To give myself something tangible to run towards.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start in the first place.”

John Bingham.


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1 ClaireyHewitt October 30, 2013 at 9:16 pm

I once did the Sussan 5 km, and one day I will do it again, and this time once I finish it, I won’t stop running.

But I do hate running.
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2 Dorothy October 30, 2013 at 5:19 pm

Well done, Caz! You might just inspire me to try running, instead of just walking 🙂
Dorothy recently posted..Moments like theseMy Profile


3 Caz October 30, 2013 at 6:04 pm

Thanks Dorothy 🙂 I can totally see us rocking the colour run in February …….
Caz recently posted..THE TRAINEE RUNNER UPDATE: {The 2km addition}My Profile


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