Book Week 2015 ~ thanks to The Costume Box

How cute are these guys?  Well, I guess I might be a little biased, because these are the adorable  human beings formerly know as the three little pinks.  They have sure grown up hey!    When I think they were five, three and one respectively  when I started writing The Truth About Mummy I have to do a little double take and re-centred myself.  To all those people who told me the baby/preschool years go quickly – you sure knew your stuff.   These days I’m mum to three beautiful and multi-coloured young ladies.   


Anyhoo, today isn’t really about walking down memory lane.  It’s about Book Week.  Don’t you love Book Week and the celebration of all things bookish?  Well if I’m honest, despite all my pre-mum-life dreams about how much fun it would be getting costumes ready for school parades I really don’t enjoy the pressure of putting together three awesome outfits.  Something seems to get a little lost in the translation from dream to reality.  It’s actually hard work and frustrating.  So this year I got some help.   


And look at the results.  These costumes are brilliant and the girls are all really happy with how they look and feel in in them.  Winning without effort thanks to The Costume Box. 


For me, this year is all about keeping things simple and not over stressing on the small stuff.   It’s the only way I can find the balance between working, being a mum and having a life!  If I need to order in costumes to make that happen then so be it!  


So, thank you for these beautiful Book Week costumes.    Hocus Pocus, beautiful Blue Butterly and Ariel the Mermaid are all set to go after our impromptu photo session last night.  (Yes our back lawn is in desperate need of a mow – wanna come do that for me?).

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Disclaimer:  The lovely people at Costume Box gifted me these costumes for my girls to wear.    No money was exchanged and all opinions expressed are totally my own.  All photos are copy write to CazFilmerWrites and published with the approval of each child.


Caz ~ Room For My Soul



Oh I could have so done with this help last week, what a fabulous idea! Book week is quite stressful on the parents I feel, lots of expectation. And Wow! Your girls are just beautiful, they look amazing in their costumes. You must be one proud Mama 🙂
Julie Johnson recently posted..What We Choose To RememberMy Profile


Um, Caz, WHEN did your girls get so grown up??? They look great! Our school is doing book week for the first time this year but we will be away and miss it. I’m crushed as I love my kids dressing up.
Becky from BeckyandJames recently posted..Him, Me and the SeaMy Profile


So cute. Love that little mermaid. I wanna be a mermaid too.


Wow. Great costumes. How lucky are you not to have to find them this year. Your girls are beautiful too.

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