I have not logged into wordpress for two weeks!

Do you know I have not even logged into WordPress for almost two weeks.   Now that’s a sure fire sign that my life is swaying to the hectic side of the pendulum.   As you know, I’m not a big fan of busy.  I much prefer a slow ‘mooching’ approach to life.  But that said it’s generally during the busy phases that things really start to happen. 

A couple of days ago I was offered work with one of Ballarat’s local conference and accommodation centres, as their assistant marketing officer.   Well using the word “offered” might be minimising the process slightly.    I actually endured attended three interviews and used up more than my fair share of ‘sparkle power’ to make that ‘offer’ happen.   Regardless thou I am well  pleased with the outcome.    Starting from mid next week I’ll be spending two six-hour days a week working back in the real world and flexing my marketing and social media muscle.   In my imagination, this is going to be like having best of both worlds.   Three days a week at home focusing on my Caz Filmer Writes projects ( and doing housework, family stuff, and getting back to the renovations) and two days out working in the real world.  Now, if we could all just come together with prayer and fasting in the hope that this  turns out as well in reality as I’m picturing it in my mind. parentint

While all this has been percolating around in the world of possibilities I also had two interviews for a project management job, which apparently I didn’t get.  But how could I know this as they chose not to notify unsuccessful applicants – even though we dragged our sorry arses in there twice!  Are you hearing my attitude?  Sorry – but I think that’s rude.  After all a phone call doesn’t take long or cost much.  (Hashtag Grrrrr).     And just to keep it interesting I also got offered six days emergency administration work at the girls school.  I’ve never worked in a school before and despite thinking we needed to evacuate the first time I heard the bell go off, I loved it.   It’s been a while (read many many years) since I’ve done pure admin/reception work and I have to admit I kinda felt like I was playing a huge game of pretend.   How could you not love doing that?


In my own true introverted style thou,  right now I am in desperate need of some time to some time to settle back and reflect, ponder and plan.   (And if I didn’t have a family and home and I’m pretty sure I’d find that time.)   I want to think this through and establish a routine for my working days – both at work and at home.    One thing I have realised is that I need to put some boundaries ar

I want to be more purposeful than that.    

I need to be more purposeful than that.  

I am going to be more purposeful than that.    

How do I become more purposeful than that?

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Wow, that is exciting Caz! Congratulations on the new job, sounds absolutely perfect. I would love to go back for 2 days when the time comes to return to work. You can strike a nice balance with that. Sounds like you’ve been through the wringer a bit with interviews & some not so nice experiences from those. Take the time you need to get your routine in order & I have no doubt you will nail it! 🙂 xo
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Thanks Julie. It’s a process I’m sure. I’m both excited about starting and nervous about how I’ll cope with everything. I’ve asked me to start with 3 six hour days for the first month or so. Which will be nice money wise – we will see how it goes. 🙂
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It can be a challenge to juggle work, home, family and life. Sometimes you can get caught up in the moment, saying yes to everything… establishing good routines, being organised and making sure I block out some ‘me time’ is what works for me. It’s all about balance 😃
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How many hours a week do you work Sarah? I admire people who can get their working/home balance right so much. Might have to come to you for some advice 🙂 You work, parent and blog beautifully.
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Oh thanks Caz that’s so nice of you to say. I work three days a week, I find that to be a great balance. I actually wrote a little post about this very topic a little while back if you wanted to check it out http://theroutinequeen.net/balancing-work-home-and-being-a-mum/
I’m sure once you get into the groove of it all you’ll be fine 😄


I find it really useful to use my diary to note the things I must do first and make some things sacrosanct. Also, when I was working, I used the hour between finishing work and school pick up to hide away and just recharge before the afternoon craziness. Make sure you give your self a day or two, or some half days when you do nothing. Move them around if you need to, but make sure you get them. Some weeks are going to be harder than others, but it all balances out in the end.
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I so hear you on that one. I know I need that space. That’s the big issue I find with working from home. Work just seems to morph into your life and I never feel like I actually have time off. Need to commit to giving myself at least one day off a week and making sure I do it. Excellent advice. Thanks.
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