When dishwashers drop their bundle …..

August 12, 2015

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My morning routine usually works something like this.  I get up six in the morning (unless insomnia is sleeping over,  which case it could be anytime from two onwards) and stumble over to the bathroom.  After navigating the obstacle course of pillows piffed on the floor the night before, I quietly close the ensuite door (in an attempt not to wake sleeping beauty from his slumber) and get myself showered, dressed and generally ready for the day ahead.    Then I move on out to the kitchen to unstack the dishwasher and make the girls lunches before waking them up for school. 


Okay, so this is where my dishwasher delima begins.   In general terms, I love dishwashers. (Some love lamp – I love dishwasher.)    I like the fact that they hide away all of the used dishes and I never need to have my kitchen benches stacked with dirty, messy pots, pans and plates.  Well that’s the theory, but in reality I’m still training my family to put their dishes straight in, so let’s just say it’s going to be like that one day in the future.  Then, after tea, it’s a nightly ritual for either me or hubby to do the final stack for the day and set the dishwasher to work – all ready for me to unstack in the morning. 

Ran the dishwahers

But, over the past few months something has gone wrong with this process.  Our dishwasher has dropped her bundle and her work has gotten sloppy. We’re talking leaving a gritty, dirty looking deposit on my dishes.   Some mornings they actually seem to come out in worse condition than they went in.  That is not satisfactory work.   There is nothing that pushes my buttons more than an appliance, the was built with one job in mind, that doesn’t perform.   Seriously.  Why am I standing at the sink at 6.30am, hand washing fifty percent of my dishes when you’ve already taken your turn?  We paid well over a $1,000 for you dishwasher, and we expect better!

I’ve tried all of the convention fixes.  Sometimes they work for a day or two but the problem just keeps coming back. There is obviously something wrong deep within, that dishwasher cleaners just can’t reach.   This all sounds a little sinister to me as in ten years of owning dishwashers the supermarket-cleaners have always done the job before.    Anyway, what I really need is for my morning routine sanity to return.  So, we’ve called in the big guns. Next Friday the dishwasher doctor is coming to visit, and  I am praying he will be able negotiate and get her back to work.  Perhaps she’s looking for a pay increase?  Either way I’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes. 

Has your dishwasher ever dropped it’s bundle?  How did you solve the problem?  

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