BLOGGING: 5 things every new blogger should know.


Have a plan. Why do you want to write your blog? Start with a clear purpose and the intention to keep this is in focus. (Maybe even have the purpose in the name of your blog or your tagline.) It makes it much easier to make all of the small blogging decision along they way when you know why it is you are doing what you do.

Be consistent. Consistency is a huge in both blogging and social media. Someone once said that the key to success is as simple as turning up every day, and I think that applies to blogging beautifully. If you want to make a success from being a blogger just chose not to give up. Keep writing and posting and generally turning up on your site.

Write your own rule book. Set a moral standard/code for yourself and your blog. And then disregard all of the rules and must do’s everyone talks about and make up your own set. In my opinion formulas produce copies. Being yourself produces unique, vibrant and stand-alone work that people will enjoy reading. My favourite blogs are the unique and quirky ones where people let their own personalities shine through. Sure, if you want to take a course or learn from the ‘experts’ do it. Learn your trade. But once you’ve got the basics right please leave it all behind and do your own thing.

Watch your stats mindfully. Everyone will tell you not to worry about followers and statistics, but seriously who are they kidding? We blog because we want people to read our work, see our pictures and hear our voice. Of course, you want to know how your blog is growing so yes you will need to check your stats. But make a choice to be mindful about it and don’t get caught in the trap of comparison – because like Mark Twain said “Comparison is the death of Joy.”

Write what you love. I know everyone says content is king, and they are right. Amazing and unique content will grow your blog faster than anything else. And yes, as they say, it’s an excellent idea to answer the question that people lay awake at night thinking about on your blog. But do all this without forgetting why you blog and what you love. Writing that comes from the heart stands out. Your passion and voice are the exact reason people will come to your blog.

Caz ~ Room For My Soul

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