The first five things you should cook in your new Cuisine Companion

So, you’ve just unpacked your brand new Cuisine Companion and now you’re wondering ‘where to from here?’ (Let’s be honest – it can be a tad daunting. ) You’ve spent a bucket load of money and now you need to prove to yourself it’s worth it. We’ve all been there and felt that mild panicky feeling as you stare at your shiny new machine and wonder how you can make it save you all the time, money and effort it promised before you paid for it.

This post is all about linking you up with five simple recipes to help get you started. They will teach you some basics and hopefully set you on the path to lifelong love affair with your Cuisine Companion.

Maple Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Let’s start with soup. You have never made soup as easily and quickly as you are about to with your cuisine companion. It’s ‘push one button’ simple! Tara from the VegeTARAian has created this gorgeous maple roasted pumpkin soup that will set your taste buds dancing. But in no time at all you’ll be playing around creating your own soup recipes, once you understand just how easy the automatic soup program makes it.

Summer Risotto

This is literally the first dish I ever made in my Cuisine Companion – and I’ve made it about a million times more since then. I seriously had no idea – and yet it was yumalicious! You can easily sub-out the 100mls of white wine for additional stock and as you grow in confidence you’ll soon find yourself adding bits and pieces to suit your personal taste. Risotto has never been so easy nor delicious! This recipe comes straight from Tefals Cuisine Companion Cook Book. Once you know how easy the Summer Risotto is you’ll be creating your own amazing combinations.

Easy Chocolate Cake

Cakes are pure child’s play in the Cuisine Companion. You can follow this recipe, converted from one of my own mum’s tried and tested old-style recipes, and substitute almost any type of cake and it will turn out perfectly. This one is divine though. Perfect for school lunches, impromptu birthday cakes or emergency afternoon teas.

Malaysian Creamy Satay Chichen

I love this dish from Mixing Food and Life. It’s very basic to make but looks and tastes a million dollars. It’s the type of dish people will think you’ve slaved over for hours, when in reality your cuisine companion makes it oh so simple.

Lemon Slice

My last suggestion to get you headed towards cuisine companion success is this simple lemon slice from Love Baking With My Cuisine Companion. A sweet treat made without the expected ‘biscuit bashing’ as the Cuisine Companion handles all the hard work.

My biggest tip to you as a newbie with your Cuisine Companion is ‘just keep cooking’. Put the effort in now to find 5 or 6 easy recipes that really suit you and yours and make them regularly. They will quickly become your mainstays and mean you are using your machine. Then start to experiment with new recipes. Make it a goal to try something new every week.

For regular recipe inspiration in your Facebook newsfeed ‘like’ the Cooking With the Tefal Cuisine Companion facebook page. There are also some other great blogs, facebook communities, and resources available. You can check some of them out here.

Caz ~ Room For My Soul



They look so good. It is daunting. I made gravy first – a wonderful success. Hence my love of the CC was born.


So true BeaJay. But once you get started it all seems to click into place. That must have been some mighty fine gravy!!

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