Frosty Sunday …

August 20, 2017 · 2 comments

Frost photos. Any excuse for wandering around in my PJs on a -3 degrees Ballarat morning! Hey neighbors, look at me. I’m a crazy photo obsessed weirdo with my butt in the air and my nose in the grass. It’s okay though, my family totally agrees with you. This camera obsession is nuts.

I love the cool beauty of these shots. The way the camera captures the sun dancing with the icy frost. The strong greens, cool whites, and frozen raindrops. I am captivated by capturing this beauty. Freezing frozen moments of time.

Loving my journey with With Camera In Hand finally learning to shot in manual mode. These shots are taken on my Nikon DL500 – manual mode.


It’s no secret I love to take photos.  (Just ask my girls and they’ll roll their eyes for you.)  I’ve owned a Nikon D5100 (DLSR) for years and taken most of the photo on this blog with it.  But alas, always on the automatic setting.  I’ve tried to learn about aperture, ISO and shutter speeds – but it’s always left me with a confused headache and potentially rolling my own eyes.   Until now that is.  With the help of With Camera In Hand I am finally shooting in manual mode …. and I like it!






The clarity of colour and the ability to freeze time have me hooked.  I have a lot of learning to go – but Michelle from With Camera in Hand has managed to make it all seem easy – so far.   I’ve already managed to shoot equally as good pictures as those I’ve previously shot on automatic or on my phone. And it feels amazing. 

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still



May 31, 2016 · 4 comments

Do you ever feel like internally you need to thaw out? 

Apparently I do.

My soul feels frozen and numb.

Not necessarily in an evil or destructive way.

But none the less unyielding and unwilling to give. 


I don’t exactly know what this means.  It’s a new feeling for me.  I’m usually so good at being introspective and understanding myself.  I ask myself questions and give myself answers and seek the wisdom that comes from within.

But not now.  Now all is silent and all I can do is wait.

Wait for my soul to thaw and movement to begin again. 


I’m not even particularly sure why things are as they are.  I’m a mum and  life is  busy.  I work.  I care.  I tend to my growing babies.  But perhaps I don’t tend to my own self enough.  Life, marriage, work, mothering, home maintenance, family and friends all jostle for priority and carry their own ‘barbs of wire’ that scratch and sometimes  draw blood if they are ignored. 


I find it hard to nourish my soul and some days it screams for attention and love.  I tell it to ‘shut up and wait’ because there is always something or someone else that needs my care and  concern more than it does.   This is not really helpful.  After all, I’m sure all it wants is my kindness. 


But even with my frozen soul, I feel a flicker of hope.  Hope because I know a thaw is coming.  I can sense it shimmering away just over the horizon.  Waiting for the perfect time to spill over like sunlight and bring justice to my world.   It will bring deeper understanding, answers, and fresh perspective.  And that’s what we all need, right?  Feelings and emotions will start moving again.  Passing through and whispering their little secrets of wholeness into my being.  Growth will happen and new things will blossom.  New strength.  New insight.  New joy for life.  


Expectations bring hope and from hope springs the delights of life. 

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Little Things

February 9, 2016 · 1 comment

I found this little fellow at my front door the other day.  Happily resting in the shade of our porch from the heat of a summers day.    Up close and personal shots of insects lead me to believe they are inspiration for every alien character on Dr Who and Star Trek. 

marco insect

And this funny little creation has built his home in my front garden. He patiently waits out the summer heat curled up in the large leaves, all the while keeping his fingers on the pulse so he knows when something delicious stumbles its way into his web of doom.  (Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.) 

Macro spider and web

If I could dive into a colour that colour would be indigo.  I love it with as much passion as you can love a colour. Luckily for me,  these crazy wild daisies grow like weeds around these parts and while they’re a bit small for diving into, their presence makes me happy. 

Maro daisy

 I’m not sure who calls this home, and frankly, I’m not sure I want to.   But I do wonder how it manages to make things so perfectly round in the hard dry summer lawn.  Clever critter. 

Macro Spider hole

Beautiful bee doing your thing.  Keep on pollinating and producing – loving your work. 

Macro Bee

All of these, plus many many more, were taken on my Galaxy Notes 5.  I’ve been spending some child free/work free  time playing with macros.  I love the way macro photography makes you see things in an entirely new light.  It opens up a tiny little world and makes is real to us monster sized humans. 

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Post image for Eureka Skydeck Melbourne ~ the best views in town

88 floors up above Melbourne’s Southbank the view is pretty fine.   Can you pick out your favourite city land marks in these photos?


It takes 30 odd seconds to reach the 88th Floor.   Now that is about 9 meters a second and is surely the fastest this family of five has ever moved.  


Once we arrived we spent over an hour being wowed by  Melbourne from above  – it’s really an impressive and beautiful city.    I confess it took me a little while to get over the driven desire to pull my kids away from the 88 floor drop outside the glass windows – but once I did it was all kinds of awesome.


Seriously the views are simply stunning.   Such an amazing way to see old Melbourne town.


Eurkea Skydeck is open every day of the year from  10am to  10pm .  (Closes early Christmas and New Years Day.)   A family day time ticket for 2 adults and 2 children is $42 with extra children $8 each.   You can check out other admission pricers here.

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Disclaimer: My family was provided with tickets to attend Eureka Skydeck.


Making the right moves.

December 8, 2013 · 12 comments

Post image for Making the right moves.

One of the beautiful things about getting up early and moving your body is that you get to see  the  freshly birthed early morning sky.    This  mornings was more beautiful than usual.  So I slowed down and then stopped to take it in.   Today I decided I needed to exercise my spirit and just be thankful and aware of the beauty surrounding me.





Some days taking a step back and choosing to go slow is exactly the right move.  (All photos taken my Galaxys4)



I think I have the winter blues.   It’s a regular thing with me.    By late winter the lack of sunshine starts to leave  melancholy little shadows  over my life and I struggle to warm up to being bothered.


It’s a pain to lose your enthusiasm – but nothing a few good days of sunshine and warmth won’t cure.   I   am already eagerly anticipating spring.

A rainy day

I feel a little skip in my heart when I see new buds forming on the trees and bulbs bursting into flower.  The days are starting to grow longer and I can almost smell spring in the air.


But for right now I’m just soldiering through these last days of winter and doing what I can to keep motivated. I have blog posts I should be writing but, as you can see from the date on my last post,  haven’t.


To be honest all my energy right now goes into retaining some  level of excitement about the sameness of  life.  It’s hard work, but worth it for my family who don’t seem to feel the winter blues like I do.


I think maybe the bears have the right idea.  Snuggle up somewhere warm and cozy and sleep away the dark wet hours of winter.  Wait until the beauty of spring begins to show before you even think of popping your head outdoors.  Those bears they’re smart!


Luckily for me I know Spring is only weeks away and it’s lifting my spirits just thinking about it.   Those first few days when the air warms and the sun shines in a blue sky are like medicine to my soul.  They quickly heal away my winter blues and give me the hope and promise of sunshine for months to come.




We’ve been keen to check out the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk for a long time now – but we kept thinking it would be best to put it off until the kids were bigger.     Then a few  months back we were offered a family pass to review it for Ballarat For Families – meaning with no excuses left it was time to get our tree top walk on!

So one sunny winters Ballarat day we set off from home to explore the  Tree Top Walk.    After a few games of eye spy and twenty questions in the car we had lunch in Colac before arriving without much trouble.   Sign posts and information are good – which is helpful as phone coverage is a little dodgy in parts.  The complex at the Otway Fly comprises both the 2km Tree Top Walk  and the Otway Fly Zip Line Tour  – for those up for a little more adventure out of their day.

AA Otwayt Flty

The walk itself is 2 kms long and covers some magical rain-forest pathways and prehistoric creatures for the kids, as well as the main tree top adventure.  The tree top walk is secure and safe for all ages – even prams.  It rises to 30 meter above ground level – but you don’t notice that much of an incline as it’s built into a naturally formed gully.   There is also an optional tower climb which takes you up to 47 meter above ground level.

The walk is a circuit and gives you a  fabulous birds eye view from the tree tops.  Surprisingly looking down the forest reminded me of  looking through the water to the ocean floor. Beautiful and so different from looking up.  The actual tree top portion of the walk is only about 60o meters but it certainly gives you a great opportunity to explore the huge old trees and see the forest world in a new and interesting way.


The rest of the 2kms is taken up with rain-forest rich pathways that are really remarkable in their own right.  The 500 walk down to the Tree Top Walk is beautiful and includes the Prehistoric Pathway filled with dinosaurs to delight the little people.   The walk back up to the starting point is a little longer and does feel a bit steep.   It might be good to make sure there are two of you to take turns if  you’re pushing a pram.


All in all it’s a wonderful way to spend some time exploring the  local rain-forest.   The Visitor Centre (which is the starting and finishing point) has a cafe, gift shop and small playground.  You could easily bring a picnic lunch or choose to move on to explore the Triplet Falls located just a little further down the same road.  (The falls may not be suited to the very young).



Otway Fly – Open every day  (except Christmas Day)  9.00am – 5.00pm  (last entry to tree top walk is 4.00pm)

Family Pass (2 adults 2 children)   $59.0 0 **
Adult  $24.00
Child $10.00  (4-15)
Seniors $21.50

ADDRESS:   360 Phillips Track Weeaproinah, VIC, 3233

For more information visit the Otway Fly Website or facebook page or call 5235 9200

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**Prices correct as at June 2013


Daisy flower on wood one


daisy on wood three


Daisy on wood two


Daisy on wood four


boarder collie picture lucy




Joining up with Trish from My Little Drummers Boys and Wordless Wednesday. 


My new camera lens arrived this afternoon.   It took me all of about five minutes to click it on and start searching for things to snap at.   It does fabulous Bokeh – which makes me very happy.  It also captures details remarkably well for a $200 lens.  That makes me happy too.    This is what my new lens can do…….

Beautiful flowers flowersbeautiful Hellow bee morebeautifulflowers






Linking this post with My Little Drummer Boy’s Wordless Wednesday.


grampians peaks






grampians views


view over grampians


cockatoo photo


McKenzies Falls Grampians











Joining up with My Little Drummer Boy for Wordless Wednesday.