The eyes have it.

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Just a nice shot of an eye really.  Little pink’s beautiful big blue grey eye.   It would be fun if I could tell you I took it on my i-phone, but as I’m an android girl you’ll just have to make do with me saying I took in on my phone.

It’s been quiet here in  blogdom this week.  I’ve been busy reacquainting myself with term time routine and settling my very last little person into the fun and games that is four-year-old kinder.  We’ve now made it through the frustratingly short two-hour transition sessions and are all looking forward to starting the full program next week.  Three days a week I’ll be child free for five hours …… whatever will I do?  (Seriously looking forward to some quality me time about now.)

In other news, I’ve been spending way to much time tweaking  my other blog Ballarat For Families.  Why didn’t someone tell me how much work it is setting up a blog like that from scratch?   Honestly guys – you could have warned me 🙂  If you check it out today you’ll see that the lovely Dorothy from Singular Insanity has written a guest post about The Art Gallery of Ballarat. The photos are beautiful!

So tell me how did you, or will you, spend your first child free days?



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Yesterday we spent some relaxing hours wandering around the Central Victorian township of Maryborough.   I love country towns.  The building, the people and the slow and casual lifestyle – it’s all so Australian and something about it speaks to me.  In Maryborough we played and picnicked in pretty parks, meandered through a good handful of second-hand stores and enjoy the company of friends.







Maryborough sits on the Great Diving Range in the bushland of Central Victoria and is a typical gold-rush town.  The town centre is dripping with beautiful buildings and some of the houses dotted through the town are so pretty you could squeal!  One of the things you will quickly notice about the centre of town is the abundance of little parks – calling out for people to picnic in them.

Some of the bigger attractions of Maryborough are  the lookout tower at the Bristol Hill Reserve, on the western edge of town, which gives you a nice view over the town and the surrounding countryside.  Lake Victoria – which is just a short walk from the city centre and the Goldfields Reservoir  just outside of town on the Road to Ballarat.   Want to know more …

About Maryborough

Visit Maryborough

Where is Maryborough

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Image Credit:  All images are my own except the Bristol Hill Image.

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New life on the mini-farm!  Four baby chicks hatched yesterday  – the girls were besides themselves with excitement.  These pictures of the hatching process aren’t pretty, but will be great to look back on.  Understandably the big feathered girls weren’t keen on too much interruption.  24 hours on we’re still debating names.  Twilight, Buttercup, Loveheart and Carmel are the top picks 🙂 Promise some cute fluffy photo soon. xx


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Baby things …..

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Underneath these feathered beauties (otherwise know as Lara and Cinderella) six eggs are due to hatch this  Saturday.  The girls have been dutifully sitting on them for three weeks – you can’t prise them off this nest!    There will be some screams of excitement around here when we/if we get to see some fluffy yellow chickadees – and that’s just from me.


Baby cucumbers are waiting.  Slowly growing and getting bigger.  Waiting for the salad bowl.


 Green Zuchinnis are flourishing.   I’ve had to start grating and freezing them for us another day.


 Beautiful fresh peas in a pod.    The girls tell me they pop up for a feed if I say ‘no’ to snacks.  Music to a mummy’s ears!


 Strawberries  slowly ripen in the sunshine.


 I’m impatiently waiting for these babies to turn red.  Fresh grown tomato sandwiches – get in my belly!


Fabulous yellow zuchinnis.  They make any stir fry magical.

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My BIG canvas arrived – yay!    Not sure if it will stay here above the table but for now I’m just loving being able to see all the time.  It’s just like having a massive photo stuck on your wall.  I see more of these in my future – might turn the entire house into a massive gallery.

Did you know it was International Teachers Day last Friday?  Well luckily the president of our local PFA did and rallied the troops to make morning tea.  Dug out the never fail carrot cake recipe.  It wins my award for the best dang recipe ever.  Easy and never fails to impress.  Just sucks that I’m no longer supposed to eat walnuts  (because they stop the hypothyroidism medication from being absorbed).  Will have to swap to pecan next time 🙂

A selfie of little pink and me doing the nightly bus stop. We’re pretty cute hey!   Gets boring waiting for that school bus – so we usually end up playing on the camera.   Excuse the water mark – decided long ago  never to walk in anyone’s shadow that any pics of the kids on here needed to either be water marked or non-identifiable.   I know, it’s probably overkill, but it helps me sleep at night.

Like many other mums of pinks (and some blues) it’s ballet recital o’clock around here.  This morning we headed off for the official photos – which means ballet hair.  I love playing with the girls hair – but frankly I’m crap at doing the official bun.  Gel, Gel and more Gel – that’s my motto.  Two more rehearsals to go.   Talking to the other mums today it became clear that seeing the photos of your kids all dressed up and looking so adorable kinda makes the whole ballet mum thing okay.

You know those nights when you just can’t face making tea?  (Or maybe that just happens to me.)  This is me making plastic cheese and tomato sauce and toasties for the girls for tea  last night.  A highly nutritious and balanced meal for growing girls – not!   Yesterday was a great reminder that being perfect is not part of my parenting plan and frankly that’s just fine.

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Our week started with a trip down to Lorne (Great Ocean Road) last Sunday.  We had such a great day and this is my favourite from the 200 plus photos I took during the day.  I love it so much I’ve already taken the plunge and order a canvas versions (100x75cm) for our wall.  Bit nervous because I’ve never order such a big one before –  hope it comes out okay!  I should tell  you I didn’t take it on Instagram but I love it so much I had to share.

This ones from Lorne too.  Middle Pink getting her jump on.   She’s our beach bunny and loves everything about the beach.  She also fell in love with jumping of the embankment and must have done it a million and half times.   Gotta love that sort of energy.

This week I found out my phone camera has an excellent macro feature.   Love how clearly is takes up close and personal shots of tiny things.  seeing things in a different perspective really makes you think ……  common or simple and beautiful?

Pepsi Next anyone?  got sent a beautiful  box full of these to try out.  I used to LOVE Pepsi Max way back when.  Then I got pregnant with big pink and couldn’t stomach anything but health food. (Lived off carrot sticks and greens for almost nine months).  Needless to say fizzy drink doesn’t  make much of an appearance at our place  any more.  But I was intrigued as to whether I’d still like it – especially as this new version has Stevia to reduce the sugar content.   Verdict?  If you’re a Pepsi kinda person you’ll love this stuff and should check it out.    (And how funny is the ad?   Cracks me up 🙂 )

 You’ll still find loads of healthy food photos on my feed right now.  Fighting with hypothyroidism means getting healthy and I’m  doing it.   I’m eating better than I have since I was pregnant with Big Pink!  Surprisingly I’m finding it really easy – maybe because I’m focused on health and energy – not weight loss.  Which is just as well because weight loss with hypothyroidism is slow.  Inspired totally by the fabulous Dani from Fitness, Food and Style I’m also starting a fitness program designed for busy mums.  It’s really important to exercise regularly for energy when you have the big H so there are no more excuses for me  – I  just have to do it.   I’m posting regularly on Fridays about my health, food and fitness – for some added motivation.  Might call it Fitness & Food on Friday!

Last one for the week.  Just because I’m suddenly all obsessed with health doesn’t mean the kid are – or should be.  (Well actually this is another cunning plan of mine.)  Over the years the girls had got used of asking for dessert most nights.  Usually this would consist of a yoghurt or a biscuit from the bicky tin.  Lately they seem to have come to expect it – which doesn’t really feel right to me.   So a few weeks ago I brought a new master plan into action.  On weekdays I’m giving them bigger plates of tea than they’re used to and they are only allowed to have fruit if they are still hungry afterwards.     In exchange for that on the weekends we make something truly awesome for dessert.   They get help me choose the recipe and do the cooking.   Last night we made brownies which they had with chopped up fruit and cream.  So far they’re loving it and happy to sacrifice the week night treats.   Hoping this will help them understand the less is sometimes more 🙂

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  As I  typed this my ugly laundry is having a little makeover.  (I can’t decide if the current look is late 70s or early 80s – what do you think?)   This space is being transformed with a wall of storage draws and shelves.  It’s going to make my life SO MUCH EASIER having good storage space again.  Simply can’t wait for them to be finished. Unfortunately the stylish tiles and chick little bathroom will have to say ‘as is’ for a little longer.  That, along with the horrible brown split windows, are the last vestige of what this place looked like when we moved in three years ago.        Renovating with kids is a long hard road – and one I would never travel again.

This weeks selfie.  I love taking shots like this of me and the kids in the car.  Yesterday I was sitting in the middle seats of our 7 seater while we took Granny Pink on a birthday picnic and tour of our old stomping ground (aka the farm I grew up on the local community there abouts).   Such a great day and some happy memories to look back on.

Instagram Tip:   I hate chopping onions but love eating them in my meals.  So, when ever I’m using my food processor I tend to end by sticking three or four onions in and blitzing them.   I stick meal sized portions in snap lock bags and freeze them.  (They freeze fabulously.)  Then no more chopping up onions for the rest of the week.   Gotta love that.

 Flowers delivered to my door.   Doesn’t happen much these days – but it sure puts a happy little skip in your step for the day.  These ones were sent to me by Ferrero Boutique to celebrate their new arrivals (baby/new mother hampers).  Aren’t they beautiful?  I love Irises 🙂     Appreciate you making my day Ferrero.

 My beautiful blondie Pinks playing  Geleeze.  Like most little pink people my kids are obsessed with stickers. (I find them everywhere and may have on occasions been driven a little mad by them.)   These Geleez are a bit more creative though as the kids have to colour them in themselves with the glow in the dark paint.  And best of all, for me, they have a low level of stickiness – so you can remove them easily. (That’s what mama wants to hear:)

And just one last one for this week.  My kitchen chairs seem to disappear regularly into the playroom so that they be imagination stationed into a car.  (Big teddy looks like he might be off to a birthday party here.)   Imagination is such a gift and I love watching the way they make things happen – even though I really wish they’d let me have my chairs back!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my ‘just because they make me happy’ photos here.  So today I’ve picked five photos I’ve snapped that make me smile.  Maybe because of the memories they bring to mind or maybe just because they’re pretty and hold my eye.    I love a photo that makes you want to keep looking and exploring.  That to me is art!






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Flower Art

August 1, 2011 · 8 comments


 It’s been a while since I’ve broken out the camera to thrill you with some flower art.  Today, in an effort to wind down from the intensity and focus that was Blogopolis, I’m  doing just that.  Must have been all the inspiration from the photography session!  Stay tuned though – I’ve got a great Klean Kanteen R&G coming up this week.  A product I really love.

Native bloom


Cute pink fully native

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