apple & Raspberry

Cottee's Apple and Raspberry.

“My Dad picks the fruit that goes to Cottees to make the cordial I like best”.   Do you remember singing that in the school yard?  I sure can.  (And we never changed the words to “picks his nose” either!).  Such a classic theme from my childhood and one that still echos in my head every now and then.  Cottees is one of those products that has been around as long as I’ve been remembering.   It’s good stuff  – no doubt about it.  But when Cottees recently bought out their concentrated range I, like the guy on the add, was just a little sceptical.  I’m afraid that I fall into the category of those who think ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’.  With this mentality in mind I’ve resisted buying the new concentrate and continued to buy the 2 litre bottles.

Cottee's Apple and Raspberry ready to go.

So when Parent Reviewers recently asked if I’d like to take part in a Cottee’s review tour I decided now would be a good chance to put Cottees new product to the test.   This week my sample bottle of Apple and Raspberry Cottee’s Cordial arrived and we’ve made the most of it!   Good news friends – it has the same delicious Cottees taste my kids and I love.  The cordial concentrate is thicker and  more syrupy than the old version and does seem to make up well with the lesser amount.   But, if I am  totally honest, my mind still has hassles with the smaller bottle.  I keep thinking that if the  girls were making it up themselves (which they don’t actually yet) they wouldn’t understand the principle of ‘less is more’ and will be drinking stronger cordial.  Perhaps I just need some more adjustment time hey!

The Biggest Pink through the bottom of a glass!

As you can see it still went down a treat and all the pinks say thank-you Cottees for a little extra fruity goodness this week.   And Cottees – just a little note from Mummy …. can you bring back the My Dad song – pretty please :O).

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Cottee’s Apply and Raspberry concentrated cordial and a $5 coles gift card in order to complete this review. All  opinions expressed are my own and no financial payment was offered or accepted.