Our first Klean Kanteen stainless steel drink bottle made its way to our house a month or so back.    I was hoping it would become my regular water bottle and encourage me to keep up my water levels – which can be a tough job in the cold winter months of Ballarat.  But alas the Dear One decided it made the perfect drink bottle for his BMW (motorbike) tank-bag and I’ve barely seen it since.  So, when the peeps from Klean Kanteen offered to supply us with a family pack of their drink bottles to review (and another family set to giveaway) I was not about to say no.   And here they are in all their new and colourful glory.  Pretty hey!


The girls quickly attached themselves to a drink bottle each, leaving mummy with the insulated wide necked bottle – which is perfect for hot coffee.  (Arrghhh missed out on a water bottle again!!).  Did you know kids love bright colours?   Well mine sure do and they were very excited about the beautiful strong colours the Klean Kanteens come in.  Since arriving these drink bottles have been getting a good work out.  The girls have been using them daily around the house as well as taking them along on all of our family adventures.    Oh and check out the sippy cap on the little bottle in the photo below.  It’s designed to fit a special adapter that works with Avent’s™ patented sippy cup spout.  This is a real bonus for us as little pink can use the sippy cap now and move onto the full water bottle cap when she’s ready.

Baked potato night at our house.

Our Klean Kanteens looked right at home at our camp fire potato bake night –  which, by the way, is a totally  fabulous way to put a new spin on tea.   And the Dear One continues to use my original Kanteen in the tank-bag of Boom Boom Borris the bike.

The Dear Ones BMW an the drink bottle he stole from me!

It would be safe to say that our family have really taken to our Klean Kanteens.  Functional, good quality, safe for kids and the environment and they look good.  You can’t ask for much more than that.  You can read more about the Klean Kanteen story and check out the full range and prices on the Klean Kanteen Australia Website.  The also have a facebook page here.

  Things we love about the Klean Kanteens: ~

  • No nasty plastic chemicals – BPA free and aluminum free.
  • Beautiful colours and lovely to touch – they feel like good quality.
  • Sippy cap is perfect for learner drinkers.
  • The company appears to have a very sustainable and environmentally focused approach.
  • The insulated Kanteen ,with ‘Coffee To Go’ cap, kept my coffee piping hot for the drive from Ballarat to the other side of Melbourne. (2 hours!!) No more cold coffee – yay!!!
  • Encouraged the girls to drink more water.
  • Evidently make a perfect BMW bikers water bottle.

Room for improvement :~

  • The prices may put some people off (starting from $21.95) but this needs to be balanced with quality and longevity.
  • It’s not recommended that you put the coloured bottles or caps in the dishwasher.
  • The sports cap  is  not reported to be totally leak proof and it is recommended that you don’t store the bottles near your mobile phone.

The Giveaway

Would you like a family pack of Klean Kanteens delivered to your door?   Well I’m happy to say that Klean Kanteen  have agreed to give one lucky The Truth About Mummy reader the chance to have just that!     All you need to do to have a chance to win  this great giveaway valued at $185 is to follow the three steps below:

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary family pack of Klean Kanteens for the purpose of conducting this review.  I have not received any payment and all opinions expressed are completely  my own.  Thanks~you for reading and good-luck.



 A few weeks ago I was asked if my littlest pink person (3yo) would like to trial the Madii & Dyl pillow range.  As the little pink’s relationship with her old pillow was a little ‘on the rocks’ it seemed like this might be a good idea.   In an effort to be like her big sisters she desperately wants to have a pillow,  but  doesn’t seem at all interested in using it once she gets into bed.   As soon as the covers go on she grabs teddy and snuggles down far enough to rest her head on the mattress – thus totally avoiding her pillow.

~Our Review~

We pickup our trial pillow at a recent Brand Meet Blog meeting and brought it home for its  ‘sleep drive’.  The first things we noticed about the Madii & Dyl pillow  when we got it home  was its size.  Much smaller than a regular adult pillow it did looked a little unusual on the bed.  Little pink was undeterred by this and immediately climbed up on her bed to rest her head.   Her words “my pillow Mummy – like it“.   She then helped  Teddy, Yellow Teddy, Uppsy-Daisy and  Mr Potato Head to conduct their own sleep tests, and it seems they all agreed it would be okay for the new pillow to stay.   But the real test would be if she’d actually use it come bed time.    That night little pink climbed up into bed, put her head on her pillow and there it  stayed and has done every night since.  Little pink is now a happy pillow user.

The Madii & Dyl pillows come in three sizes suitable for newborns (Sooki babe $39 – especially for day time head support), toddlers  (Teenii Tot  $49 – for 18 months plus) and  young children  (Mini Me $59 – 4 plus years).  We trialed the  Mini Me which has  a flip wave design, meaning the pillow can be flipped over for added comfort as your child grows.   For more information about the Madii & Dyl range and the age/size specifications please check out their website.

Things we love about the Madii & Dyl Pillow ~

  • The smaller size seems much better suited to little necks and heads.
  • The promotional information states that it’s “naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew and bacteria and provides maximum air flow, which prevents moisture and heat build-up”  Great for allergy sufferers or heavy sweaters.
  • The pillow can be washed (by hand or machine) without losing its softness or shape. We haven’t done this yet  but I’m happy to know we can, because this pillow is sure to have a rough life now that it belongs to a three year old.  Sickness, sweat, tears – it’ll  get the lot!
  • The pillow has  a 5 year plus guarantee.
  • The littlest pink loves it and still refers to it as her ‘special pillow’ after using it for over four weeks.
  • It was designed by a mother of two who was struggling to find a suitable option for her own children

Room for improvement with the Madii & Dyl Pillow~

  • Hard to find a pillow slip to fit – due to its smaller size.  Might have to make some myself.
  • The look of the smaller sized pillow on the bed might take a little getting used to.  But on the plus side this leaves a  good amount of room for the necessary collection of special toys kids take to bed.  Teddy and Mr Potato Head are very pleased!


~The Giveaway~

Would you like to trial a Maddi & Dyl Pillow with your little ones?  Well the lovely people from Madii & Dyl have agreed to give one lucky The Truth About Mummy reader the chance to trial (and keep) one of these pillows for their own little person. The giveaway winner will get to select the age appropriate pillow and will also receive  two of Maddi & Dyls eco friendly air spun luxe face flannels  (which you can also read about on their website).    All you need to do to have a chance to win  this great giveaway is to follow the three steps below:

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  • If the winner does not respond within 48 hours the giveaway will be re-drawn.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Madii & Dyl Mini Me pillow for the purpose of conducting this review.  I have not received any payment and all opinions expressed are completely  my own and my littlest pinks!  Thanks~you for reading.


Granny Little-People lives with her hubby ‘Poppy’  at number 11 Fisher Price Lane in our playroom. They are a lovely couple (despite Poppy’s apparent mobile phone addiction) and they just adore playing  with the three little pinks.

Today Granny is busy getting ready for her weekly flying lesson at Fisher Price  Airport.  So she says goodbye to Poppy (tells him not to spend all day on the phone) and heads off in ‘Fergus ‘ her little green car.

On the way to the airport Granny likes to check in with her extended family.  The Little-People clan is a big one and she likes to make sure they all remember just how much she loves them. 

First stop is  Granny’s  daughter Sophie’s  farm, where Granny has promised to look after Daisy the cow and Henry the horse while Sophie is off harvesting her apple crop.  

Henry and Daisy wave happily to Granny as she goes on her way into town.

Granny soon finds that the road to town is very busy and she has become stuck in a traffic jam.  Just as well Patrick Policeman is on hand to get things moving again (and that Granny has the knitting to keep her fingers busy.)

Next stop for Granny is the local park where two of her grandchildren are busy training their dog ‘Jack’.  Granny has packed a picnic and shares it with the girls.  Jack decides he’d much prefer cupcakes than doggy food and bounds all over granny.

Back on the road again Granny waits patiently for the local train to pass before to heading off to visit Queen Julia Fussy Pants at the royal palace.

Queen Fussy Pants has just introduced a carbon tax upon the residents of Fisher Price Lane and Granny has a few words with her about how she thinks things could be improved before the royal decree is passed.

Feeling a little disappointed with her efforts Granny heads off again, thinking she just has time to stop in and visit her boys at the race track before her flying lesson starts.  But then she hears the ‘clunk clunk’ of Fergus’  engine.  ‘Oh no’ Fergus the little green car has just broken down

Luckily for Granny the bus stop is just around the corner and she catches the bus to the racetrack where she hopes the boys will help with Fergus.

At the racetrack the  boys get Fergus all fixed up and then get Granny to do a test run around their new super-fast race track. 

Always up for a challenge granny zooms Fergus around the track before refueling and once again heading off for her flying lesson.

It’s been a busy day and Granny is starting to feel a little tired.  But the thought of flying through the sky in ‘Big Blue’ is enough to keep her on track – especially when her instructor ‘tweety twitter’ is waiting expectantly.

Granny flies off and loop-d-loops her way over Fisher Price Lane looking down happily on all of her friends and family.

  Tweety Twitter tells her she is getting ‘better and better’ making Granny feel very proud and happy with herself.   After a quick cup of tea she tootles off home in Fergus to share her day with Poppy – who is still firmly attached to his mobile phone!

The End


If you have read all this way down let me say ‘thank-you’ for indulging me in my fantasy of being a children’s author.  As you can see Fisher Price Little People are very popular at our house.  The girls love them and so do I.  They open up a world of seriously good imaginative play and they are such great quality.  Some of the Little People gear in this story has been with us for year.  That little yellow bus has been a favourite of each of my little pinks – and it was given to us second-hand.  The girls have all ridden around on it themselves (literally) but it just keeps on being fabulous.  Well done Fisher Price on your great quality!

When I was approached recently and asked to review some Fisher Price toys I emailed straight back and suggested Little People.   In response we were  sent a Little People ‘Stand n Play Rampway’ (the racetrack) and some of the new Little People Wheelies Mini Vehicles.  Can’t even begin to explain how excited the girls were when the box was dropped  off and they realised what it was.  Little pink was grinning ear to ear.


This, like most Fisher Price products I’ve encountered, is a great quality item.  It requires assembly, due to its size (stands at 60cms), but the Dear One had it all up and ready with 20 minutes – and without one naughty word!   He tells  me  it all fitted together  well and there were not bits left over at the end  (well thank goodness for that.)   The girls have played with this toy a lot since it arrived – they love the way the cars zoom down the tracks and the realistic sounds the petrol pump makes.   It certainly seems to be a winner with this Little People mad family.


Thanks to Fisher Price and Frank PR  The Truth About Mummy has three Little People Wheelies Mini Vehicles to give away to a lucky fellow Little People lover.  Here’s what you need to do for a chance to win this giveaway:

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  • Giveaway closes on the 19th of July, 2011 and is open to all Australian residents.
  • Check out the Big W and Target July toys sales for more little people bargains (if you want to.)
  • Goodluck.  I’m off to pack up all those little people.


Cottee's Apple and Raspberry.

“My Dad picks the fruit that goes to Cottees to make the cordial I like best”.   Do you remember singing that in the school yard?  I sure can.  (And we never changed the words to “picks his nose” either!).  Such a classic theme from my childhood and one that still echos in my head every now and then.  Cottees is one of those products that has been around as long as I’ve been remembering.   It’s good stuff  – no doubt about it.  But when Cottees recently bought out their concentrated range I, like the guy on the add, was just a little sceptical.  I’m afraid that I fall into the category of those who think ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’.  With this mentality in mind I’ve resisted buying the new concentrate and continued to buy the 2 litre bottles.

Cottee's Apple and Raspberry ready to go.

So when Parent Reviewers recently asked if I’d like to take part in a Cottee’s review tour I decided now would be a good chance to put Cottees new product to the test.   This week my sample bottle of Apple and Raspberry Cottee’s Cordial arrived and we’ve made the most of it!   Good news friends – it has the same delicious Cottees taste my kids and I love.  The cordial concentrate is thicker and  more syrupy than the old version and does seem to make up well with the lesser amount.   But, if I am  totally honest, my mind still has hassles with the smaller bottle.  I keep thinking that if the  girls were making it up themselves (which they don’t actually yet) they wouldn’t understand the principle of ‘less is more’ and will be drinking stronger cordial.  Perhaps I just need some more adjustment time hey!

The Biggest Pink through the bottom of a glass!

As you can see it still went down a treat and all the pinks say thank-you Cottees for a little extra fruity goodness this week.   And Cottees – just a little note from Mummy …. can you bring back the My Dad song – pretty please :O).

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Cottee’s Apply and Raspberry concentrated cordial and a $5 coles gift card in order to complete this review. All  opinions expressed are my own and no financial payment was offered or accepted.


Bakers Delight kindly asked me to review their Sourdough bread range this week so yesterday, with my complimentary 2 loaves of bread in hand I set out to see if my family would like it.   Now I’m a bit of  a sucker for good quality fresh breads. Rye, sourdough, multigrain, I love them all, and I’ve brought the girls up to eat  them all too – not just that boring old white stuff.  (Although let’s be honest here – they still prefer the white stuff if I give them a choice.)

First up was a breakfast of toasted sourdough with good old Aussie Vegemite and butter (and coffee for me).  Despite the fact that our household is still firmly in the grips of the Flu and Spew  epidemic (will it ever end I ask you?) this was all gobbled up and there was even a request for ‘more please’.  Success and a happy mummy as the girls have been eating very little over the past few days.

When lunch time rolled around I toasted up some more Sourdough to go with some yummy curried vegetable soup.  Now this really was delicious.   I’m trying desperately to fill my family up  with as much fresh healthy food as possible right now – so the soup and sourdough was perfect.  Toasted good quality sourdough soaked in homemade vegetable soup – could it get any better.  My verdict – if you love good bread – you will love Bakers Delight’s sourdough range.

Now the good people of Bakers Delight have given me some vouchers to giveaway to a Truth About Mummy reader.  There are five $5 vouchers and I’ve decided to give them all to one lucky reader who leaves  a comment below today.  Afterall $5 won’t get you far these days!   Here is what you need to do:

  • Make sure you’re following with The Truth About Mummy either with google friends or RSS.
  • Leave me a comment below today (19.6.11)
  • Leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.
  • Giveaway will be drawn tonight and the winner advised tomorrow.


Disclaimer – no money was offered and requested to complete this review. I received 2 complimentary loaves of Bakers Delight sourdough bread and enjoyed eating them very much!